Capacity Building

What is NDIS Capacity Building?

A range of supports/Activities that enable you to build skills to lead an independent life, participate in activities of your choice and feel part of society.

Types of Activities

The NDIS funds many programs; each person’s program may look different based on their own unique goals they’re focusing on. BoraCare capacity building programs are person-centred, tailored around your unique goals.

Examples of programs include

Life skills

Meal preparation, applying for accommodation, finding and sustaining employment, finding opportunities for study, household chores.

Social skills

Communication skills, making and sustaining healthy relationships, community/group participation.

Self-care skills

Bathing, dressing and grooming.

When and where capacity building programs are run?

BoraCare Capacity building programs are flexible; we work around your needs. Our Specialised team plans activities around routines and places that work for you.

We support you to fully participate in the community and reach your full potential

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